La rioja Tradition

About us

Our origins

More than four decades ago, our grandparents started
up with a small meat stall in Logroño’s central market.

Today, seven generations later, Artysán is an established
brand that is dedicated to the production of products
made from the Duroc pig.


La Rioja tradition

La Rioja is known for the superb quality of its cured meats. The geography of the region, bordered by two mountain ranges, generates a cold and dry microclimate that is ideal for curing and processing pork products.

It is here, in the heart of the Iregua Valley, in the town of Nalda in the autonomous community of La Rioja, where the Grupo Alejandro Miguel facilities are located. A unique setting where the best meats and sausages are produced.

We work hard so that you can

always enjoy the best product

At artysán, we comply with
the most demanding quality
and food safety standards,
which has positioned us as
a leader in the meat sector

Genetic selection

Natural diet

Animal welfare

Duroc quality

Food safety

Our livestock

All of Artysán’s work revolves around the Duroc breed of pig. The birth of Artysán’s Duroc pig is the result of our meticulous selection of the genetic lineage, along with our goal of offering our consumers a unique, high-quality product.

Our animals are fed a

complete and controlled diet based on

natural feed made from plant products

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