The traditional flavour you’ve always known and love


Artysán hams
from our pig
duroc, flavor,
superior texture and aroma



While watching TV, reading a book, at home or with friends, there is always a good time for enjoying authentic Serrano ham, chorizo sausage or any of our other cured meats, all of which are products that represent the culture of the La Rioja region. At Artysán, we work hard to make this moment special.

With the most natural ingredients and meat that comes from the Duroc pig that we raise on our own farms, this is how we make our products.

Flavors, aromas
and enjoyment for your
most special occasions


Serrano ham

The best selection of raw materials, just the right amount of salt and long curing times make our hams the most exquisite delicacy.

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By respecting and keeping the traditions of

our people alive, we are able to guarantee the

authenticity of our products

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La Rioja

A family’s long-standing efforts has made Artysán’s Chorizo Sarta one our region’s star culinary products. An authentic chorizo sausage from the La Rioja region, with all the flavour of our land.

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Our duroc pigs are synonymous with quality

and provide our products with a flavour,

colour and texture that are like no other

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Chorizos, Chistorra and other sausages… the best way to enjoy great moments with your loved ones.

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